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Emilia Romagna

An exhilarating experience in the forest.

In the National Park of the Tuscan-Emilian Appenines, amongst the 100 year old beech trees,  you can have a great time climbing from tree to tree.  15 courses plus six practice runs,  with different obstacles for children and adults to tackle and enjoy themselves walking between the trees in safety.

The Adventure  Courses

Four courses for children, and eight courses for young people and adults of increasing difficulty:  Green, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Red, Black, Super Black and a long aerial runway/zipwire.

The Park

The adventure courses are in the Park “Fonti di S.Lucia” Emilia Romagna;  a natural environment of 100 year old trees, natural mineral water springs. Throughout the park there are picnic tables and BBQ’s and short walks suitable for all ages.

Cerwood’s bar and restaurant

is situated in the centre of the park and offers a menu based on the gastronomic traditions of these mountains as well as tasty snacks.  It is an ideal place for a break after the adventure courses, or for birthday parties, celebrations with friends and family.

Children’s  Area

There is a special children’s play area which includes: a sandpit with diggers, buckets and spades, an area for pedal cars, a climbing wall, a bouncy castle, creative workshops, wooden tree-houses, music and animations.

Other activities

At Cerwood it is possible to book guided walks,
climbing lessons, orienteering, treasure hunts, and hire mountain bikes.  It is possible to try treeclimbing,  with specific equipment.


Phone: +39.437.27.91.710
Email: info@cerwood.it